The JCAC Artist Guild

The purpose of the Artist Guild is to provide crucial volunteer support for the array of public programs offered by the arts center.  Guild members include artists as well as others who are interested in using their skills and talents to make the Johns Creek Arts Center a special place for everyone.  Guild activities include:
  1. Helping to facilitate exhibit receptions
  2. Assisting with special events
  3. Coordinating the display of art at offsite locations
  4. Serving as ambassadors for the arts center in the community
President-Rae Prall
Vice President-Sissy Saffell
Secretary-Barbara Mindel
Social Chair/Exhibition Coordinator-Anita Patil
Refreshments Coordinator-Marlies Chapman
Our meetings are held at 9:30 a.m. the first Monday of every month at the arts center.   An active JCAC membership is a pre-requisite for guild membership.   To join, please contact the arts center to secure membership; you will then be added to our roster.
Art and cultural events are scheduled quarterly for guild members.  Please contact Anita Patil at with questions.