Rocky Davies: The Art of the Character

Rocky Davies is a Johns Creek native who is now living his dream of getting paid to create fantastical characters for a variety of clients and projects.  A self-proclaimed child of the 80's, Davies' images often evoke a retro "pop culture" eel with characters who sport trademark sunglasses.

This exhibit is a sort of highlight reel of Davies' work, touching on the wide range of his personal and professional accomplishments as an artist.  His recent projects reflect the diversity of his work and include creating art for film promotional social media campaigns, images for advertisements and a training film for the Department of Defense.  He was recently selected by Los Angeles' Gallery 1988 for inclusion in an upcoming exhibit that celebrates cult favorite films of the 1980's.

The display of Art of the Character During JCAC's busy summer camp season is intended to help inform and motivate young artists as to the many possible opportunities that the art field has to offer.  Rocky, by the way, was a summer camp counselor for JCAC in 1997.